Skating Down Memory Lane

After 10.3 years of a short team history it’s time to look back at two pucksters who skated into the memory banks of Heat fans, volunteers, billet families and staff. There have been hundreds of fine young men wear the HEAT logo and colours and they came to Chase from all over North America. This article is the “Where are they now?” of two hard to forget parts of Heat history.

Trevor Okino: “Oak” #7 arrived in 2013 and first impressions had him in the maybe he will make it category, but there was something special about the kid who skated just a bit different. It’s amazing at times to be wrong, good things result and Trevor was just that, a good thing! He stayed and played from 2013-2016 in 154 games and lead by example as a defenceman. By 2015-16 he was the Team Captain, in 2014-15 he was recognized as the KIJHL Most Sportsmanlike Player.
After graduating out of junior hockey at 20 years of age, he received a scholarship to attend and play for the University of Jamestown in North Dakota USA. Four years of education and hockey from 2016-20 saw him gear up for 132 games. By 2019-20 he was Team Captain and recognized as a ACHA First Team All Conference player. Proud of him is truly an understatement, the quiet gentleman works hard for everything he earns. So what’s he doing now, with an education in one hand and a hockey stick in the other he’s moving the puck up ice for the Ockelbo HC, Division3 in Sweden! Yes, as solid as an Oak Tree, Trevor Okino continues to amaze…stay tuned for the next chapter in his story.

Joshua Bourne: “Bournsey” #91 walked into Heat lore half way through the 2015-16 season, tall and strapping he appeared to lumber down the ice. Another Richmond kid with deceiving skating style he could get from A to B as quick as anyone. In 2016-17 he was recognized as the KIJHL Most Sportsmanlike Player. He stayed with the Heat through 91 games until the Junior A BCHL Nanaimo Clippers came calling in the 2017-18 season. They wanted what the Heat had, a pure goal scorer that made a difference in every game he played. With the Clippers he was an Assistant Captain and played 115 games until graduating from junior hockey in the 2019-20 season. Brock University in Ontario then came calling but Josh had travel plans apparently. He now twists the twine for ERV Schweinfurt Germany Division 4 in this 2021-22 season. Whatever he next decides to do, it will be done well, as he follows in the footsteps of that other Richmond BC hockey player, once again stay tuned.

A few tidbits to end these brief stories, Trevor and Josh were fortunate to play together on the Heat during the 2016-17 season. Their families know each other well and back in the day when the two of them filled out a questionnaire they both noted that the person that inspired them the most was “Mom”. Kudos to Moms from Richmond, you raised two first class gentlemen hockey players.