The Chase HEAT and the last weeks of 2020


When Public Health in late November tightened up life just a bit it brought a sudden stop to KIJHL games.  After getting in 3 regular season games the troop and their commanding officers went back to practice, practice, practice. Optimism bubbled up with a recommencement of games after December 7th when this latest revision of orders would be potentially lifted.  It would be back to active service for the lads, but sky high numbers elsewhere altered the landscape.  On the 2nd new orders came down and the impact was felt at the training grounds.  The result really stopped junior hockey across the Province.  The team’s six 19 and 20 year olds weren’t allowed to practice with their younger teammates.  No contact nor scrimmages at practices for the rest.  So, the local decision makers determined that an early start to the Christmas break was in order.  The result a couple of dozen eligible bachelors vacated the Village. But there was another wrench in the hockey factory works. The two week period was extended another month  The goal is for them to return in the New Year to get ready for more regular season action, all dependent on rosy positive results. They will of course be following all the rules and regulations for a safe return.

President Darryl Adamson noted to the Team Executive that on departure the players and staff are healthy and doing well.  “We plan on the team being back on December 29th  (now after Jan 8th), with game play resuming through a revamped schedule to be announced. All of this is subject to the provincial health orders allowing us to play then.”  He thanks everyone for their help and support. “We have a great team this year and plan to bring home a banner, despite what covid throws at us.”  That is just one example of the optimism coming from “Heatville” at the Art Holding Memorial Arena.

The entire Organization from the Executive, the players, staff and faithful volunteers wish everyone a safe, warm and happy Festive Season.  We all need to stick together for the foreseeable future!


By: Chiliarena