It’s the first days of the New Year and hence the time when many wishful people put together some resolutions, in a concerted effort to improve themselves, as well as others.

With that in mind, the author sat down and scratched his bald head bright red with thoughts on how to improve things for you and our Chase HEAT Hockey Club.

If you haven’t been to a home game this season you should make the effort to attend one per month. At this point that means a minimum of 3 games this 2019-20 season. Adults are $10, Seniors $8, Students $6 and 6 and under free.
Meet your new neighbours. If you haven’t met them yet, it’s because they are at the game. The arena is a great place to meet your new neighbours.
What to do with the spare bedrooms. Your kids need a big brother, and if they have grown up and left, then fill that void in your life with a player or two and join a very special group of billet home parents.
What do your friends do on weekend nights. They are at a hockey game and are wanting to meet up with you at the arena.

So just a few shared thoughts on a fresh start to the new year. We will provide some useful information at the end, after we cover the two games contested in 2020 to date. Friday night the 3rd of January the HEAT travelled to the Revelstoke Forum to play the GRIZZLIES. Five minor penalties in the 1st period and zero scoring. In the 2nd the hosts opened scoring, one lone minor infraction called. In the 3rd one more minor infraction and a battle till the final 5 seconds. Revelstoke scored an empty net goal, and the top team in the Division won a squeaker, 2-0.

Vince Benedetto shone throughout stopping 46 of 47 shots and was named the Chase Star.

Saturday night the 4th the HEAT hosted the Summerland STEAM at the Art Holding Memorial Arena. In the 1st stanza no scoring, nor any penalties. In the 2nd the STEAM popped in goal one, alongside taking 3 of 4 minor infractions. In the 3rd there were 8 minors and 3 misconducts with Summerland scoring three and Chase getting a single. New kid on the block Cameron McKenzie getting his first as a HEAT assisted by Rhys Lepine and Danton L’Heureux. 4-1 the final score with Benedetto once again performing all tasks except goal scoring, stopping 43 of 47, that’s 94 shots in two games, while his teammates managed one greasy goal. Needless to mention, he received the Home Star, even though he didn’t score!

Next Friday the 10th Resolution 1 can be kicked off, as the 100 Mile House WRANGLERS visit Chase at 7:00 pm. Resolution 2 will require some elbow rubbing and bumping into strangers that may become your future best friends. Resolution 3 can also get it’s start and if you are curious enough and want to know the answer to the $600 question or other information contact Lana at 250-574-3681. Friends you know and meet at the game don’t require elbowing and bumping into as per #2, tall tales and bafflegab are your best weapons for Resolution 4. So, my work is done, you have been provided with suggested resolutions and the actions required for a successful healthy, happy and prosperous 2020. You’re welcome and see you Friday Night! HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Chase HEAT Hockey Club!

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